The Duke’s Daughter

The Duke’s Daughter (Historical Romance)

Her heart, like her country, is torn in two.

Jane Cavendish is no swooning damsel, doomed to watch the civil war from the sidelines. When the troops come marching into Welbeck Abbey, her beloved home, it falls on her to protect its priceless paintings from their plundering hands.

Richard Baldwin might be a physician, but he’s also a fop and a coward who refuses to fight for his country. In spite of the girl’s resistance, he is given the guardianship of the Cavendish daughters and all its treasures. Jane wants nothing to do with this foolish dandy, whom she blames for the death of their mother. She would rather take care of the estate herself, but it’s 1642 and she needs him. Over time she realizes they do have something in common, Richard shares her love for literature and the two come together over a censored book. And that love soon turns into a passion of another kind.

When the enemy finally makes their move on Welbeck, Jane finds she has to accept Richard’s assistance. But nothing is as it seems––and she soon learns that no man can be fully trusted, not even one who claims to have fallen in love with her.

The Duke’s Daughter is a feel-good historical romance with a very happy ending and is loosely based on real events. There are mild sexual references. Readers of Phillipa Gregory will enjoy this.