Misty Cedars – Vampire Edition Books

Blood Curse (Misty Cedars – Vampire Edition Book 1)

Holly has three days to decide her fate. Once they’re over… so is her life… isn’t it?

Life and death hinges on two tiny marks.

A sudden, blinding pain.

A gargantuan wolf lunging for her.

It all happens so fast.

Now, she will become undead and under the thrall of Micah, the most brutal vampire Misty Cedars has ever known.

With Noah—the lonely wolf shifter—by her side, the pair set out to kill him.

But can they succeed?

Or will the smoldering attraction between Holly and Noah be their undoing?


The Necromancer’s Curse (Misty Cedars – Vampire Edition Book 2)

Demons are watching and waiting in the shadows…

After beheading the arch vampire, Micah, Holly George… changed. Terrified of the new power surging through her veins, she wants nothing more than to find a way to restore her humanity. Her wolfshifter lover, Noah, has heard rumors of an ancient text with the restorative powers Holly needs, but they aren’t the only ones seeking its wisdom.

Lurking in the shadows is Sue, Micah’s vampire lover, who thirsts for the chance to exact vengeance for her fallen love.

Hell hath no fury like a vampire scorned.