Misty Cedars Books

Spelling Bee (Misty Cedars Book 1)

Tamara Candlewick blows a gasket when she hears the new headmaster at her daughter’s school requires the students mix a love potion as part of their annual Spelling Bee.

She determines to give the young man, Carter Wells, a piece of her mind. But who knew the new principal was going to be so devilishly hot? Or that his arrival in town would have the young witches of Misty Cedars cooking up love potions of their own?

Spelling Bee is a humorous short story that should appeal to fans of Amanda M Lee or Andris Bear. It has no explicit content and precedes the Misty Cedar novels releasing in the Fall of 2019.


A Different Class of Magic (Misty Cedars Book 2)

Tamara Candlewick, an unlucky in love single witch, is roped into going on a field trip for her daughter Pike’s School. Leading the pack is smokin’ hot principal, Carter Wells, a wizard she is increasingly attracted to, even though she disapproves of his risk-taking teaching methods.

But the course of true love does not flow smoothly! Beset by dragons, foibles, and bad luck as well as the interference of a natty Norwegian parent and another horny school governor, this tale features dragons, spells, humor, and love.

A DIFFERENT CLASS OF MAGIC is the perfect sequel to Spelling Bee, which introduced the more lighthearted side of Misty Cedars. This book is for any fan of romance, wizardry, and, of course, love!