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Adrienne Blake


I am sitting here tonight, watching When Harry met Sally. Usually around this time of night my brain freezes and I can’t write any more. I am totally envious of all those writers who say they can tap away to the wee hours of the morning. Nu-uh, not me. I’m strictly a morning person. Give me a coffee and a plate of eggs and I’m off. But after eight o’clock, I’m a zombie.

Ooh, Surrey with a Fringe on Top. Anyway, there is a method in my madness. I didn’t choose this movie at random. I’ve been thinking about the late, great writer, Nora Ephron, for a few days now. Some people love her work, others, not so much. As for me, it depends on my mood. Recently I’ve found the cutesy 90’s Meg-Ryan-American-darling thing a little wearing. But then I recently went through a divorce myself, and as I listen to Sally go through the same cycle of denial I find myself back in love with it again. The movie – not the divorce. Good fodder for the romantic writing mind.

Perhaps I’m a sentimental fool. But I feel she had a pretty good handle on the range of human emotions – at least in regards to the social economic group she represented/appealed to. Her stories are a little dated now; take You’ve Got Mail. If she were alive today, she’d have to totally re-write that one. In 2016 it wouldn’t just be the Shop Around the Corner going under, but the infamous Fox Book store would also be going down with the ship (I’m sorry to say.)

Times change don’t they? But luckily some things stay the same. And thank God for that.  If, like me, you pen tales that touch the heart-strings, you can do a lot worse than follow her lead in these matters. The stage may change but the human condition is eternal. So anyway, back to my beloved Harry and Sally because it really is after my writing curfew.

I will leave you with one of my favorite Nora Ephron quotes.

“In my sex fantasy, nobody ever loves me for my mind.” Nora Ephron.

I can relate. Night all.


Adrienne lives in the Poconos, hates the cold but loves the mountains. Unabashed cat lover and writer of naughty fantasy. Feed her coffee and chocolate and she'll write forever.

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