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Adrienne Blake -Under the Covers

A Morning Writer

Hello, I am sitting here tonight, watching When Harry met Sally. Usually around this time of night my brain freezes and I can’t write any more. I am totally envious of all those writers who say they can tap away to the wee hours of the morning. Nu-uh, not me. I’m strictly a morning person. Give me a coffee and a plate of eggs and I’m off. But after eight o’clock, I’m a zombie. Ooh, Surrey with a Fringe on Top. Anyway, there is a method in my madness. I didn’t choose this movie at random. I’ve been thinking about the late, great writer, Nora Ephron, for a few days now. Some people love her work, others, not so much. As for me, it depends on my mood. Recently I’ve found the cutesy 90’s Meg-Ryan-American-darling thing a little wearing. But then I recently went through a divorce myself, and as […]

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